Lyrics to Last Night
by Movado

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[edit]Song titleLast Night
[edit]Artist nameMovado
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse :
Ah nuh seh dem nuh wah, seh dem nuh wah
tump inna we face but di fools dem cant
mi gi dem copper fi cha, mi nuh shoot to jah
straight head shot bwoy get murda

Mi tell dem bout di gun mi buss last night
in the pass night infa red pun him head was the last him coulda fast like sizzla fast bike him get ah pretty casket yeah di glass type

Verse 2:
Yeh fuckin cops always afta mi
kill me if dem could
but i didnt let dem catch mi
grow poor now mi mek mi money dem a watch mi
si mi wid mi chain
and dem a wonda weh mi watch be
want fi buss mi head
Find more similar lyrics on want fi mek docta cant even patch mi
bout a born mi born a nuh woman hen hatch mi
tell informa mission gun mi hav di factory
swear seh dem kill mi D.N.A it did match mi

Verse 3:
Tell some fool sey man wi corrida
killa five star so dat a gorilla eh Mine yuh mek mi rise da double barrel ya
coppa in yuh face
nah go trace,
nah go coroner
left him fucking head, pon di corrida
den mi tek a trip go breed mi gyal over florida
man a gangsta, dem seh dem a warrior
but mi know seh dem
a fool cause dem a gun carrier

Repeat x1
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Lyrics to Last Night
by Movado

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