Lyrics to Crook 4 Life
by Mr. Pookie

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[edit]Song titleCrook 4 Life
[edit]Artist nameMr. Pookie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Mr. Pookie
I'ma jump it off straight up rippin
pop my clip in best beware to
tha nigga dat's trippin
over there think I see em
finna ta get him, fuck who came wit him
Nigga stay in ya place
don't know who sprayin tha mase
But I betcha motherfuckers betta move
'fore I get in tha mood and
what? straight act a fool
Pass it fool you niggaz can't hold us
Continuous throwin these boulders
don't act like nobody ain't told ya
These crooks came to uphold ya
Take notice of clicka nigga
Off of Audelia nigga
Outta my face or I will kill a nigga
Betta yet steel a nigga
Feel Tha Rippla
Rippin you hoes up in his
face crushin his flows
You a disgrace, one to the dome
Up in his place robbin his home
Takin it all I'll be down to ride
Dallas is bound to rise
waited our turn bitch now its our time
Lyrical homicide
Stakes are high voltage
still blowin, still smokin,
still chiffin
Up in this game we ain't tip toein
See tha dope blow and I'ma weed fiend
Finna bleed steam nigga
So keep yo eyes on the night, cause I just might
hit yo crib now where you live on cook 4 life

Chorus 2X

Lay it down I'ma crook 4 life
If u feel it will you ball wit me
Lay it down I'ma crook 4 life
You don't wanna fuck wit me

Get ready for tha Armageddon war
betta load yo shit, get ready to die bitch
Stoneycrook niggaz'll creep and then crawl
Bustin at niggaz and breakin they jaws
And pause a nigga, neva, betta
load this glock I'm sick of
this bullshit
Ammunition be totted 4 dayz, ready
to blast all up in yo face
Fake hazin shit and pistol
grips, Pastor Pookie nigga rip
that bitch
Soljaz like you neva have seen
On tha block we all mug
mean, my team stay green
Money that is, crooked ass
niggaz have nuthin to give
Takin yo money and evictin yo bitch
Open yo mouth get shot in yo grill
Who in tha fuck do you think that you are?
Fuckin wit much as I blew up yo car
Leave yo body all ripped and blown
Like K-Roc hittin that Abatrois
Bodybags in front of yo street
Blown out skulls and burnt out feet
Ask me why did I kill that bitch
Find more similar lyrics on pitbull needed some fuckin meat
Streets are no longer safe 4 kids
A nigga might flip and cut out yo ribs
Enter tha devious thoughts of
niggaz from Stoneycrook
that's how we live - torture his
ass, strangle his ass
rip out his heart then laugh at his ass
Stoneycrook niggaz are causin confusion
And bustin at niggaz we goin at

Chorus x2

Mr. Lucci
Awww shit now its on
nigga throwed in the zone
get cha ready for the real shit
I'm sippin down Pill shit
But tha trill shit
Bust ya real quick
When a nigga wanna squish it
Stay on my grind so I don't spend shit
So what's the deal bitch
Gotta drill shit
Till you feel shit
But focus I'll still spend
Workin I'm a kill kids
Niggaz fallin down like a nigga did shit
Grab my weed cause I feel quick
And I'ma tilt it, lift it,
twist it in tha bud smoke
I'm into green, nigga love to choke
Followed by a Newport
Cloud 9, high and a crooked flow
Reached in my jeans wit tha low spoke
glock tote, no joke
Crook loch on my chest, fuck tha rest
Done seen tha best, finna test
Tryin to jest mess around
When surrounded by paramedics
Cops sayin tha press release
Addressed my issued blues
And payin dues to tha crews
Actin fools wit tha Stoneycrook
Last time a nigga looked
Then played by tha book
Young life got took as tha body shook
Bitch I'm the king you tha rookie know the bait
that the pen create
Cause you a mark bitch that's a born fact
Never see a crook actin like that
We'll get down on stacks
Work our mind, make our money, make a track
Dallas got bread by the stacks
Ballers in Pallas, Bourbons,
Jeeps on Sweet Killaz so we
gotta go
Neva once been a hoe
Finsta pull a kick doe
Fuck a friend or a foe
Make a nigga die slow
Trail trail the logo
That a nigga flow fo
Sho fo
Even take a blow fo
To my brotha never say no
only thing you want mo
Cause I'ma crook 4 life, I'm Diabolical

Chorus 2X
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Lyrics to Crook 4 Life
by Mr. Pookie

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