Lyrics to She's no Rocket Scientist
by Mr. T Experience

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[edit]Song titleShe's no Rocket Scientist
[edit]Artist nameMr. T Experience
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well she's no rocket rocket rocket rocket
scientist but she's just like the Second Law of
Thermodynamics cause when I see her walking by me
I wanna do the twist a little bit. I gotta getta
getta getta getta strategy to communicate the
endless possibilities so we can understand each
other we can live in peace and harmony It's all
right yeah baby it's ok hey cause she's so unaware
and I'm so I don't care yare and that's the secret
of my success yes it's a formula for happiness but
she's no rocket scientist I'll never figure out
what's going on behind those eyes it may be far
Find more similar lyrics on my competence to analyze but it'll take a
lot of energy and exercise and school supplies but
still I'm getting so excited about a new romance
though I know she's part human being and part
potted plant and when I meet her at the mall
there'll be an avalanche of holding hands it's too
late yeah baby it's too late hay cause she's so
come and go and I'm so I don't know woe so don't
confuse stop confusing me with the facts yaks
cause you know that pretty soon she's gonna get
herself a scooby snack but she's no rocket
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Lyrics to She's no Rocket Scientist
by Mr. T Experience

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