Lyrics to Thorn (7" Version)
by Mudhoney

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[edit]Song titleThorn (7" Version)
[edit]Artist nameMudhoney
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've got a thorn in my side
About the size of your eye
I feel it stickin' through
I feel it stickin' through

You're watching for me
With such intensity
It doesn't matter what I do
It doesn't matter what I do

Take your eyes off me
Find more similar lyrics on then you'll see
The world was tinglin' at you
The world was watching you

You're just a thorn in my side
Wasted effort, wasted time
It doesn't matter what I do
It doesn't matter what I do
It doesn't matter what I do
Your world is dying too
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Lyrics to Thorn (7" Version)
by Mudhoney

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