Lyrics to The Love is Gone
by Muppets

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[edit]Song titleThe Love is Gone
[edit]Artist nameMuppets
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Paul Williams
There was a time when I was sure
That you and I were truly one
That our future was forever
And would never come undone
And we came so close to being close
And though you cared for me
There's distance in your eyes tonight
So we're not meant to be
The love is gone
The love is gone
The sweetest dream
That you have ever known
The love is gone
The love is gone
I wish you well
But I must leave you now alone
There comes a moment in your life
Like a window and you see
Your future there before you
And how perfect life can be
But adventure calls with unknown voices
Find more similar lyrics on you away
Be careful or you may regret
The choice you make someday
When love is gone
When love is gone
The sweetest dream that we have ever known
When love is gone
When love is gone
I wish you well
But I must leave you now alone
It was almost love
It was almost always
It was like a fairytale we'd live out
You and I
And yes some dream come true
And yes some dreams fall through
And yes the time has come
for us to say goodbye
Yes some dreams come true
Yes some dreams fall through
And yes the time has come
for us to say goodbye
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Lyrics to The Love is Gone
by Muppets

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