Lyrics to I, Satan’S Carrion
by Mutiilation

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[edit]Song titleI, Satan’S Carrion
[edit]Artist nameMutiilation
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I die from an alcoholic grief
A nightmare if I dreamt
When eternity opens
There’s no rest for the weak

Satan’s Carrion

Flashes twist my dying shell
I can avoid reality
My time is on I puke my life
I still have to meet Hell
And after centuries I’ll find another corpse
This one’s so rotten
Is it really mine?

Never forget the truth but no
more time to say His words
No more time to scarify the youth it
Find more similar lyrics on been done so long before
The wheel turns and hope shall die
You’ll see me when I’m king
Mystery’ll fail and you will see the
secrets of what I’ve been

Whenever there is light I’ll find a way to end
Whenever there is birth the
cursed fruit will blacken
Abortion supreme poisoning the karma forever
To condemn and deface the heavenly whore

Satan’s Carrion

Sure the master plays on its own
I’m a puppet of Satan
And as they bury me you’ll be ill at ease
A life has been without searched escape
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Lyrics to I, Satan’S Carrion
by Mutiilation

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