Lyrics to Majestas Leprosus
by Mutiilation

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[edit]Song titleMajestas Leprosus
[edit]Artist nameMutiilation
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Exiled from the so called sane,
Dwelling in some moisted cave,
In some place that means despair,
Where the mortals fear to approach...
And there, through an ugly candlelight
At first you could see a black formless shape
And then an abomination freezing your blood
In the realm of decayed flesh, you'll have to stay...
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And in the few weeks after, among the human carriows
Moribunds wait their turn, to join the stench of mass grave
Majestas Leprosus

Rotten flesh wrapped in rags, no more looking like humans
Piles of coffins wait to burn, the leper death prevails
Majestas Leprosus
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Lyrics to Majestas Leprosus
by Mutiilation

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