Lyrics to Educated Guess
by Mxpx

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[edit]Song titleEducated Guess
[edit]Artist nameMxpx
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everything's gotten so complicated
Now you're older, now you're jaded
You despise what you used to love
Cursing everything under the sky above

When you think back does it ever make you cry?
Like it does me with the tears all in my eyes
Crying, driving in my car
Looking back on my life so far

All the things that you believe in
Lies all lies they've been deceiving
Been deceiving, been deceiving you

When we were young we were told so many times
Prepare for your future, 'cause it won't be easy
Find more similar lyrics on never did tell us to enjoy life, here it is
Because before you know it life has passed you by

Everything's gotten so complicated
Now you're older, now you're jaded
You despise what you used to love
Cursing everything under the sky above

All the things that you believe in
Lies, all lies they've been deceiving
Been deceiving me, deceiving you

All the time you have invested
Wasted time not to be trusted
Washed away from you, away from me
They've been deceiving you, deceiving me
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Lyrics to Educated Guess
by Mxpx

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