Lyrics to Sear me
by My Dying Bride

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[edit]Song titleSear me
[edit]Artist nameMy Dying Bride
[edit]Lyrics languageLatin
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incendere suus
damnare suus vita
dare suus ad art ventus
capare suus
et facere suus
ferire suus
persicum cutis

nudus, turpis,
putridus, findere,

acerbus, crudus,
Find more similar lyrics on, contemptio,

mordax, atterere,
inficere, bilis,
nam tuus scelus
tu licet perire
ad ante tu
habere aequus sic
dolor nil finis
ego liberare art
ultimus iniuria.
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Lyrics to Sear me
by My Dying Bride

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