Lyrics to Your Shameful Heaven
by My Dying Bride

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[edit]Song titleYour Shameful Heaven
[edit]Artist nameMy Dying Bride
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You, who stand there now
I will not tell you not to cry
Without fail my purpose
Will be fulfilled
I can crown you a God
And You'll suffer for your sins
Bound so tightly, pain is everything
Far from kindness. I am your king
Believe you're in Hell, but yours is Heaven
Cry to die. You'll love me forever

On a pale, teary cheek
Tears cascade to your feet
Find more similar lyrics on to the floor once again
Laughing and lashing you away
Burning pain sears through your skin
But its more you cry, for you are a sinner
We suffer in love, but you love to suffer
Your misery is your majesty
Though your skin may burn and your wounds bleed
The only real ache is between your legs
You've learned well, through your Hell
Your pain was nothing. You longed for more.
Your shameful Heaven is full of devils
Just like me. Just for you
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Lyrics to Your Shameful Heaven
by My Dying Bride

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