Lyrics to Lay low
by My Morning Jacket

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[edit]Song titleLay low
[edit]Artist nameMy Morning Jacket
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lay low, why don't you now?
Lay back awhile and I'll show you
I got the good that you want, no
Need to go and hunt something else
It's right here with me when you stay

It's always good when I get to see
That there's never more than what
You're telling me when you stay home

Lay low if the feel is right
(Let the fetus rock)
I got all that I want here in you
Tonight and we'll pass out on the bedroom floor
Find more similar lyrics on going like this so long
(Full tilt)
Hold up, you showed me
Oh, what you told me

It's not what you want
But what you need, it's not
A head full of booze
Or amphetamines when you stay

It's always good when I get to see
That there's never more than what
You're telling me when you stay home
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Lyrics to Lay low
by My Morning Jacket

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