Lyrics to Sympathy for the Ants
by My Superhero

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[edit]Song titleSympathy for the Ants
[edit]Artist nameMy Superhero
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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walkin' around all day in a line
three more ant miles, maybe four or five
does the guy in the front really know where he's going?
if we get lost i know we're gonna be bummin'
how did i get this job of mine?
i know i'll get my piece of the pie
i'll leave this line and find my own good time
but instead i'll march back to the nest
and maybe the queen will even suggest
Find more similar lyrics on i come down and spend the night
hey ho i'm gonna go, i'm gonna go now
hey ho i'm gonna find a place to call my own
they said that i won't live too long
they said that when i die that i won't be alone
millions will die today in chemical warfare
but why do i tell you it's not like you care
at least when i'm gone you'll have this song
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Lyrics to Sympathy for the Ants
by My Superhero

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