Lyrics to As the Autumn Comes...
by My Threnody

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[edit]Song titleAs the Autumn Comes...
[edit]Artist nameMy Threnody
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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... and I'm seating here,
the night is falling in this cold autumn evening...
I watch the leaves as they fall.
The trees are like shadows
against the dying sun beyond the mountains,
and the flowers I sent you did not reach you in time.
Then I remember when I held her hands,
trying to clean the tears from her face
and she passed away slowly,
as tears were flowing out from my sad eyes,
the candles no longer shines."
But you'll still be my shelter,
Find more similar lyrics on angel, my other self,
and every time I close my eyes,
I can hear you, I hear you calling my name..."
I don't feel the blood running in my veins,
the world is full of broken and empty dreams,
I hold on to my dreams as if they were my only reality,
and there is no light from miles away,
it feels like I've been far for so long,
so far from my self...
The darkness took place, no dreams came true,
but the everlasting flame still burns inside,
and I have a dull smile on my face.
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Lyrics to As the Autumn Comes...
by My Threnody

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