Lyrics to The Gentle art of Choking
by My Vitriol

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[edit]Song titleThe Gentle art of Choking
[edit]Artist nameMy Vitriol
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't look at me that way
I know what you're gonna say
It's on your face

The scars went up in flames
While we waited for the rain
That never came

They tried to follow you
Yeah I always wanted to
Through black and blue

But how can I explain
When you're taking all the blame
Until the end

They've left you out on your own
And they've broken
all of your bones
And I'm turning
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Don't look at me that way
I heard what you had to say
It's not your place

The feelings are replaced
And the words have all decayed
And it's another day
and it's another day
And it's another day

They've left you out on your own
And they've broken
all of your bones
And they're turning
And they're walking away
And they're turning
And they're walking away
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Lyrics to The Gentle art of Choking
by My Vitriol

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