Lyrics to Love Comes Love Goes
by Mya

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[edit]Song titleLove Comes Love Goes
[edit]Artist nameMya
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I gave you my everything and you threw it all away
You promises meant nothing cause they were broke day after day
And I can't live this way anymore, my heart can't take this pain
So I'm leaving in the morning, never to return again, never to return again

No more sad love songs, no more sleepless nights
No more pointless traveling on love's pathway of light
Thought we'd last forever, but what did we know
Though its hard to admit it
Love comes and love goes

There are things you said and done that I can not forget
Find more similar lyrics on moments we spent together that I do not regret
But wounded hearts are hard to heal and I can't take this pain
So I'm leaving in the morning never to return again, never to return again


Why should we continue trying just where would that lead?
And why should I continue crying for someone I don't need?
Made up my mind, put you behind, and now I don't be alone
Cause love has lost its hold on me and now I'm moving on

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Lyrics to Love Comes Love Goes
by Mya

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