Lyrics to Pleasures of Pain
by Mylidian

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[edit]Song titlePleasures of Pain
[edit]Artist nameMylidian
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Demon alone, about to Antoine
I hear your screams and your endless despair
I like to feel your pain.
Listening to the call of your desire
I prepare your anguish.

Demon to Antoine
You can do nothing man, you
can't leave this way
It is time to pay your dues
Now where you are, there's no return
The time of your anguish is near.

I backstab you and I'm ripping your flesh
I can't believe you resist
Pain could be awful, you like it so much
Oh, it was a trap!

Antoine to the Demon
I hold your heart in my hand
Your hot blood runs on my fingers
Your torment is delectable
Find more similar lyrics on don't regret to play with you
I will tear your soul apart
You pain will be for Eternity
Everybody in the Universe
Will talk about your suffering"

I regret to have crossed this bloody gate
I am pierced by one hundred hooks and chains
He rips my flesh, my body falls to bits
Madness invades me and replaces hope.

Antoine becomes psychotic
Screams, blood, fear, pain
You will like to taste
Screams, blood, fear, pain
The Pleasures of Pain.

Screams, Fear and Pain are your new companions,
Now your flesh will know other sensations.
Screams, Fear and Pain will hunt your new life,
You will like to taste the Pleasures of Pain.
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Lyrics to Pleasures of Pain
by Mylidian

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