Lyrics to Hate
by Mystic Circle

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[edit]Song titleHate
[edit]Artist nameMystic Circle
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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God said "let there be
light" and darkness came
God said "Ye shall go to
heaven" and hell broke loose
He sent false prophets the lie was born
Priests of greed and intrigue
under the grab of the lord

The holy war commenced killed in the name of god
Abused human moroncy abduct the gold of our earth
Do you see the path of lies? They mislead you
Follow the sign of the serpent
experience endless lust

Hate fo those who play hide and seek
Hate for you and your god
Hate fo all you christians you
you lie, deceive!

Hate for you, ceatures of cowardice
Hate for you and your mirror of light
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You lie, deceive!

God said "you shall be
free", enslaved only by him
God said "the sun will
shine", but rain set in
Suppression and murder are real, only the strong
Laws of unity
Justice a mockery

Hell has arrived, only few can see
Liberated from the burden of god, no one before us
Prayers are worn out, no use for them
The sins shall be free, respect for the new doing

Hate for you
Hate for your lies
Hate for you
Hate for your intrigues
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Lyrics to Hate
by Mystic Circle

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