Lyrics to Burning Bridges
by Mystic Prophecy

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[edit]Song titleBurning Bridges
[edit]Artist nameMystic Prophecy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Liapakis, M. Albrecht
/ lyrics: Liapakis

Decades of decadance and aeons of evil
Comes over you this night my son
The power of angels and
The heresy of christ
Can never save you again

Living shadows dance around in a circle
And bathing with your blood

Burning bridges burns in my eyes
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Burning bridges burns in my eyes
My soul has left me tonight

I'm coming from the center of
Damantion to the outskirts of hell
I'm the maze of god
I lead you in another heaven
And I am the true face of evil

Now that the skies are painted with
The blood of the angels
The last eclipse of the sun has begun
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Lyrics to Burning Bridges
by Mystic Prophecy

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