Lyrics to The Baphometic Goat of Knights Templar in the 12th Century
by Mystifier

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[edit]Song titleThe Baphometic Goat of Knights Templar in the 12th Century
[edit]Artist nameMystifier
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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in a night within the woods from saint-jean d'angely
philip IV and clement V meet to cinspire
against the knights templar ambition, avarice and luxury
the templars become rich in order to purchase the world
the knights templars reder divine honors to a
head of goat a monstrous idol

the grand master of templars, jacques de molay,
rides on his horse to the temple
they are the templars in their ceremony of reception
they give obscene kisses on the back
parts of their grand master
spit blood upon the image of christ and
deny god's holy scriptures
and the holy ghost's splendour

they adore a brazen head with carbuncles for eyes
that is the symbol of the bearded idol
a demon on form of goat

the baphometic goat

"we do pacts with our bearded idol and
have intercourse with female demons
we sin against the father by falsehood
and against the son and the holy ghost by hatred and debauchery
we were jesuits who failed
Find more similar lyrics on hate the roman catholic doctrine
we were accused of heresy
we perished in flames of inquisition"

in flames, the grand master cited the king and pope to appear
in that same year in god's tribunal
they'll be save by their idol


the monstrous goat baphomet is present in god's tribunal
the king and pope, who died in that same
year, tremble face baphomet and god
baphomet saves jaques de molay and his
companions from the flames of redemption
the king and pope fall dowm desastrously from heaven's tribunal
to the depths of endless abyss

the knights templar pay homage to their idol
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
our enemies will suffer eternally
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
we are the mighty knights of hell
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
baphomet greets us with obscene gestures
terrible. evil. baphometic goat
ave baphomet!!! morituri te salutant!!!
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Lyrics to The Baphometic Goat of Knights Templar in the 12th Century
by Mystifier

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