Lyrics to The day is Breaking
by Naer Mataron

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[edit]Song titleThe day is Breaking
[edit]Artist nameNaer Mataron
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The chosen blossoms of the European land
The chosen creators who our civilization “expects”

Dreaming of the society of the
strong warriors, philosophers
and poets
Chosen of the land and blood
Innocent and merry creators
Aesthetic children of the sun
Who glory the Apollonian cosmic harmony

We reveal again the primitive myth
Regenerating the new poetic moment of our times

Guardians of a mystic, lost, forbidden knowledge
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We want to rewrite her history
To reveal the luminous truth
As heralds of the new storm
The last loyal

We dived in the mucky sources of the myth
And pumped the mystic speech of Pythia
Red is covering the poetic dimension of our lives

What is today praised,
Must be destroyed tomorrow
What is today hated
Must be worshipped tomorrow
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Lyrics to The day is Breaking
by Naer Mataron

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