Lyrics to Dungeon of Pleasure
by Nasty Savage

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[edit]Song titleDungeon of Pleasure
[edit]Artist nameNasty Savage
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Step into my parlor
Said the spider to the fly
Hollywood fashion model
You are my prize
Aggressive airline hostess
College cheerleader
Wealthy old women
Demanding and bizarre
Forbidden techniques
It's just what they seek
Fantasy lane
Dominance submission
Leather devices
It's not all the same
Dungeon of pleasure
Dungeon of pleasure
Excitement soaring, lustfully
Dungeon of pleasure
Dungeon of pleasure
Command performance fantasy
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As heat begins to rise
Passion in the dungeon
I hear your despirate cries
Step into the real world
Where pain and pleasure mix
Ultimate excitement
As you play your trick
The bitch is bound and helpless
She's screaming for more
That sweet and innocent girl
Is really hardcore
Her obsession for pain
Makes me bite my lip
As she eagerly indulges
I give her the whip
Dungeon of pleasure
Dungeon of pleasure
Excitement soaring, lustfully
Dungeon of pleasure
Dungeon of pleasure, fantasy
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Lyrics to Dungeon of Pleasure
by Nasty Savage

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