Lyrics to I Won't Deny you
by Natalie Cole

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[edit]Song titleI Won't Deny you
[edit]Artist nameNatalie Cole
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, well, well
The mailman smiled as he handed me the news, tell you chil'
I nearly jumped out of my shoes
The postcard read, returning home tonight

My body jumped with pure delight
I know you're gonna need
Some tender, lovin' care, whatever you need
You know, I'll be right there

(Honey, I won't deny you)
That's one thing, honey, that I'll never, never do
(Honey, I won't deny you)
You took care of me, I'll take of you

Now when I'm down, you make me feel better
And your love for me, really keeps me together
Come rain or shine, night or day
Whenever you call me, it'll be okay

If you wanna stop by 'cause you're in the neighborhood
Or if you want me to make you feel real good

(Honey, I won't deny you)
Find more similar lyrics on, no
(I won't deny you)
That's one thing, I'll never do to you

You took care of me, I'll take care of you
You know my body hungers for you and I know that's right
And when I can't get it, I get so uptight, here by my side
Is where you aught to be, if you bring your lovin' home to me

(Honey, I won't deny you)
I, that's one thing I'll never do to you
I won't, 'cause you took care of me
And I'll take care of you, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
(I won't deny you, I won't deny you)

Here by my side is where you aught to be
If you bring your lovin' home to me, I

(I won't deny you, honey, I won't deny you)
That's one thing I'll never do, no
(I won't deny you)
I, I won't deny you, I won't deny you, I won't deny you
I won't deny you
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Lyrics to I Won't Deny you
by Natalie Cole

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