Lyrics to Madelaine
by Nazareth

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[edit]Song titleMadelaine
[edit]Artist nameNazareth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Standing watching a pale blue moon,
Rising slowly in the winter sky,
Waiting, hoping she'll be home soon,
And I won't ask her where or why.

As the evening shadows fall,
Madelaine, Madelaine
I can hear the night wind call,
Call her name, Madelaine.
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Turning slowly I hear her call,
Echo softly through the silver pines,
Walking home the first snowflake falls,
Still, she's always on my mind.

As the evening shadows fall,
Madelaine, Madelaine
I can hear the night wind call,
Call her name, Madelaine.
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Lyrics to Madelaine
by Nazareth

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