Lyrics to Wildwood Blues
by Nazz

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[edit]Song titleWildwood Blues
[edit]Artist nameNazz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Got them old wildwood blues
Got them old wildwood blues
Wildwood town, some bad news
Got them old wildwood blues

Drinking beer by the sea
Giant baseball park by the sea
Looking like 1953
Vegetable soup by the sea
Look Harvey a crab
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Got into town on the 445
I could hardly wait to arrive
Local yokel hippies start performing their tricks
I try to make it out on the 446

Luxurious accommodations, room and board
But I take no anger until I fall on the floor
Baskets, sea shells, anything became my bed
But local yokels Jeanie jumped in just the same town
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Lyrics to Wildwood Blues
by Nazz

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