Lyrics to Are u Still Down
by Nb Ridaz

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[edit]Song titleAre u Still Down
[edit]Artist nameNb Ridaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Are U Still Down Lyrics

Hey, how u doing girl?
basically I just wanna know
Are you still down for mine
(ooohhh, you know I'll always be down)
Are you still down for mine
Are you still down for mine
(and u should know I will be around, baby)
Are you still down for mine

I think it was the third grade
When I realized how much I
was attracted to your light
brown eyes
Cause ever since that very first day of school
I felt a lil something when I looked at you

And even though my friends would tease and laugh
I was always trying to sit next to you in class
Maybe cause you always treated me so cool
But if it wasn't for you
I wouldn't go to school

I'd rather be home writing your
name a thousand times
Day dreaming in the lunch line
And on the playground time flies so fast
But lucky for me
We were in the same class

And now I'm looking forward to after school
Sometimes I got brave and walked home with you
I've only got a dollar
But I'd promise you that
Ima get you a lil somthing
from the ice-cream man

(ooohhh, you know I'll always be down)
Are you still down for mine
Are you still down for mine
(and u should know I will be around, baby)
Are you still down for mine

Now its a brand new year
And were both in fifth grade
My My My, how the summer changed
The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you dress
Its like meeting you all over again

And for the first time
You passed me a lil note
Giving me your number to call you at home
I was so excited, telling all my friends
Find more similar lyrics on when I pick up the phone, I'm
getting kind of nervous

Walking with your girlfriends,
talking to the guys
Even made me a lil jealous sometimes
But all the jealousy just went away
When I played football,
and you would yell my name

They years passed by, we continued to grow
And if its up to me
I would never let you go

I guess the question that keeps
coming to mind is tell me girl
Are you still down for mine)
(I could search this world,)
(But will never find, another love like ours,)
(Im so glad that your mine,)
(If u ever go I will be so sad,)
(how can I survive, I think I will die)

Junior high around the corner
What we gonna do, I hope well be
together, for a class or two
And maybe lunch time, we could reminice
Talk about the weekend
Study for a test

Whatever destiny, brings to you and me
I hope that you will always remember we
Belong together
Never ment to be apart
Give me all your trust
And Ima give you my heart

I heard many times, that men dont cry
But when I think of loosing
you, I get a chill inside

People everywhere, doing everybody wrong
I wish that I could fix it, by writing a song

I guess reality brings it down to life
And a lovely warm heart,
can turn as cold as ice
But Ima do whatever
to show you that I'm straight down for yours
If you're down for mine

(ooohhh, you know Ill always be down)
Are you still down for mine
Are you still down for mine
(and u should know I will be around, baby)
Are you still down for mine
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Lyrics to Are u Still Down
by Nb Ridaz

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