Lyrics to I Wanna luv u
by Nb Ridaz

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[edit]Song titleI Wanna luv u
[edit]Artist nameNb Ridaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If I tell you that I love you and I put my trust in you,
If I say that every minute all I do is think of you,
Will you do the same for me, are you really down for me
Let me know just how you're feelin'
Would you give it all for me
Verse 1
How would you feel if I told you - all I ever do,
Is reminisce of the times that I spent with you,
Rollin' through the park on a Sunday afternoon
Dedicatin' slow songs - to say that I love you,
It's for my honey wit the pretty brown eyes
Never givin up on me - never tellin' lies
Makin' promises together we ride,
I put this one on everything I'm glad she's mine,
And I love it when we all alone
Never miss a beat when da slow jam's on
Babygirl please understand,
I wanna be the only one that ever hold your hand - yea!
And show me that ya down for mine
Keep my reservation till the end a time
You're like a treasure I was blessed to find -
My Precious One . and Imma love you for life
I wanna love you like you never been loved
I wanna rock you like you never been rocked
But I gotta know the deal, baby tell me how you feel
If I change my world for you, are you feelin me too?
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Hey girl I'll never leave you perfect man is what you need,
There's no such so thing so I'll do anything you please you,
I know you want me girl and I want you too, feels just like a
dream just to be here with you
I would drop in a second just to think you'd be gone,
Living a lonely life I just couldn't go on,
We felt lost in love from the first time we met,
You were so down for mine you showed me much respect
I know it's hard to love a nasty boy like me
You know you had a choice and who you liked was me,
Some times I wish this world was just me and you
My love is unconditional best believe its true,
Thank the lord every day for connecting us two,
So tell me baby girl what you wanna do
I'm that one second to none show much love to you
They wanna know how I'm rollin'; I'm rollin' with you yea!
Verse 3
You know I'm feelin' you girl, I just can't lie
Things wouldn't be the same without you by my side,
I lose my mind every time you come around
And Imma do whatever just to prove that I'm down,
You broke my game and set new rules,
And all I wanna do is rock with you, come on!
Don't be afraid cause Imma take my time,
And before the night is over you gone be just fine
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Lyrics to I Wanna luv u
by Nb Ridaz

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