Lyrics to One way or Another
by Necro

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[edit]Song titleOne way or Another
[edit]Artist nameNecro
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The Sexorcist
Check it you fuckin' bitches
Stinky twats

I don't kid man I fuck Nicole right in her pink hole
Rammed in a pickle light up a nickle
Now honeys ready for the meaty stick pole
My cum-shot bombs are two hot blondes
Holding some pom-poms, pork them like won-tons
I fuck you where you make your
doodie, start shaking bootie
While rockin' thongs, spread your crevice
Get prepared for the rubber prongs
I know this bitch that'll suck
your dick for three cracks
And her clitoris lips be
hanging down to her kneecaps
Your cunge is lunch, I'll plunge
into your vaginal sponge
Whether hip-hop or grunge, I'll even
munch on the buns of nuns
If honeys ass is god, I'ma shoot a massive wad
With the brutal precision,
incision, in poodle position
I'm taking these polariods of this blonde
She's drippin' upon, substitute
my peter with a chiquita
Then devour for three hours
My best believe it's washed down south
Of a hot, wet drippin', cunt
sqaushed against my mouth
I'd like to give a 16 year old slut
Young buck a tongue fuck
But she might get knocked up
and the cops'll wanna lock my cock up

Chorus x4

One way or another
I'm gonna fuck you
I'm gonna fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
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You slut bitch
Your mouth is equilvelent to garbage
Suck my cock like a good little girl
and make my knob twitch
Inside of me, eat my dick like collard greens
You need a job? Work your lips up
and down my solid meat
Open your mouth, I got a visitor
You're wanking me off so damn
fast your hand is a blur
Now bob my chunk of godly hunk all
over your fucking face
I'm spitting globs of spunk
Get on your dirty knees, bend over and bob
Till your wet tongue spreads my
cock juice all over my nuts
Suck my dick with devotion
You got a no nonsense deep throat motion
Our bodies creating friction like no lotion
Substitute my dick with a dynamite
stick and fuck your slit
Peep the over explosion
Necro is a demented mack
What's more intense than crack
Your boobs warm against my back
You got no idea how much pleasure I can take
So let your fingers grasp, or rub
my shaft like a snake
Now wank me
After you suck it you could thank me
Frankly I want hanky-panky if you're skanky

Chorus x4

Fuck you!
I'll fuckin' kidnap you!
You bitch!
I'll fuckin' put a fuckin' needle in your arm
You're fuckin dead
You're dead
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Lyrics to One way or Another
by Necro

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