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Shaman by Necromantia

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[edit]Song titleShaman
[edit]Artist nameNecromantia
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Keeper of the Ancient Ways
Medicine Man and Sorcerer
Summoner of Storms
Enchanter of the beasts

Blood Binds you With the Eagle
Blood Binds you With The Wolf
You know The Pain of The Spirits
Our Ancestors Guard your Soul

Shaman, Chant for us
Shaman, Dance for us
Dream and Fly for Your People
Fly and Bleed for Your Tribe

I can See
I can Feel
I Can Hear the Jackals Howling
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Earth and Fire
Air and Water
Our Forefathers Call my Spirit
To the Silent Cities of the Mind

On my Skin
They carred the Omens
And in My Soul
I Have Their Words

"Through the Force
that Binds Together
Beasts and Forest, Gods and Men
A Bird of Flame Will Rise in Anger
And Thunderstorms Will
Sweep The Land"
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Shaman by Necromantia

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