Lyrics to Nailing the Holy one
by Necrophobic

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[edit]Song titleNailing the Holy one
[edit]Artist nameNecrophobic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Impubes hic Singultit

I am the evil one
The crucifier of the holy lord
The impaler of god and his feeble son
In heven now the holy blood shall flow

Holy father jesus christ
I can see straight through your lies
Harlots are weaping for you, harlot breed
Rest in piss, you son of a whore

Nailing the holy one
Nailing the holy one

Father, fear for your life
Cause time has come for you to die
No one can save you now
Hell awaits on the other side

As the crown of thorns is
tearing through your flesh
Find more similar lyrics on smiles as your holy blooddrops fall
Piece by piece I slaughter you alive
I laugh as hell and split
your fucking skull

Nailing the holy one
Nailing the father of lies

I tear your feeble soul apart
With a scornful smile I watch you die
As you're hanging calmly on the cross
I stab the spear right in your chest

Satbbing, stabbing, stabbing thrice
Bleed for me you servant of lies
Your blood shatters all over me
Your fucking soul in nothingness will be

Nailing the holy one
Nailing jesus christ
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Lyrics to Nailing the Holy one
by Necrophobic

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