Lyrics to The Third of Arrivals
by Necrophobic

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[edit]Song titleThe Third of Arrivals
[edit]Artist nameNecrophobic
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music: Sideg¥rd
Lyrics: Sideg¥rd, Ramstedt

666 - we vomit on the crucifix
Hell - as we come forth
you'll hear demonic cries
Fire - from the flames we
rise to walk the earth
War - our wrath will
strike upon the skies

It's the dawn of satanic redemption
Gasp for a last breath as you choke
Polluted air, blackened dust from below
Legions of demons take form as we evoke

The third of arrivals
The bringer of storms
The third is eternal
The dark age reborn
The third is unhuman
The bringer of hordes
The third is the final
The lord of lords

Lead: S.R.

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Obsessed with hatred and fire
With the purest evil ablazed in his eyes
He raised his flaming empire

Wings black and torn
Spread over sea and land
The gates will open thrice
And Satan will rise again

666 - we fuck the women sworn to Christ
Hell - the feeble slaves
of life will fall
Fire - at the gates of
heaven you shall burn
War - our hatred is now all

The third of arrivals
The bringer of storms
The third is eternal
The dark age reborn
The third is unhuman
The bringer of hordes
The third is the final
The lord of lords
The lord of wars
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Lyrics to The Third of Arrivals
by Necrophobic

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