Lyrics to Elijah's Song
by Neil Diamond

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[edit]Song titleElijah's Song
[edit]Artist nameNeil Diamond
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Got a rock and roll ditty
From the heart of the city
To a country lane far away
Drums are beatin'
And the bass repeatin'
And it rocks you to
sleep just the same

Sleep, safe and warm
Dream cares be gone
You know that it won't take long
We'll be singin' Elijah's song
Singin' Elijah's song

Ya' got a rock and roll daddy
And you make him so glad
He's got a smile
A mile across his face
Movie star mom
Gonna keep you safe from harm
And she'll do it with style and grace

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Dream cares be gone
You know that it won't be long
We'll be singing Elijah's song
Singin' Elijah's song

Little bitty child when you laugh
I smile
It's a feelin' I won't ever forget
Far from now
When you're wanderin' 'round
There's a song that I
left in your head

Dream, that's what you do
Dream, 'cause dreams come true
Someday when you're big and strong
You'll remember Elijah's song
Remember Elijah's song
Remember Elijah's song
Remember Elijah's song
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Lyrics to Elijah's Song
by Neil Diamond

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