Lyrics to Glory Road
by Neil Diamond

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[edit]Song titleGlory Road
[edit]Artist nameNeil Diamond
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wearin' my high boots,
Got all my worldlies here in a sack
Looking for something,
Knowing that it ain't here where I'm at
Ain't looking back
I'm comin',
Ride by thumbin',
Get by bummin'
I'm on my way

Friend, have you seen glory road
Say, friend, I got a heavy load,
And I know glory road's waiting for me

Caught me a pick-up
Down from Seattle through to L.A.
Seems like those folks
Go chasin' a new star every day
Find more similar lyrics on't gonna stay
In Nevada, through Wyomin',
Colorado I'm on my way

Friend, have you seen glory road
Say, friend, I got a heavy load,
And I know glory road's waiting for me

Met so many others
Wanted to know which way to go
Louisiana, New York City
They wanted the answer
They'd ask of me.
Friend, have you seen glory road?
Say, friend, I got a heavy load
And I know glory road's waiting for me
Rest my load,
Now I know glory road won't set me free
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Lyrics to Glory Road
by Neil Diamond

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