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Look Out for my Love by Neil Young

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[edit]Song titleLook Out for my Love
[edit]Artist nameNeil Young
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's a lot to learn
For wastin' time
There's a heart that burns
There's an open mind.

Look out for my love,
look out for my love
Look out for my love,
look out for my love
You own it
You own it now
You own it.

There's a weight on you
But you can't feel it
Livin' like I do
It's hard for you to see it.

Was I hurt too bad
Can I show you daylight
How could I be sad
When I know that you might.

Look out for my love,
look out for my love
Look out for my love,
look out for my love.

Look out for my love
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I know things are gonna change
But I can't say bad or good.

Silver wings of mornin'
Shinin' in the gray day
While the ice is formin'
On a lonely runway.

Hydraulic wipers pumpin'
'Til the window glistens
Somethin' sayin' somethin'
No one seems to listen.

Men with walkie-talkies
Men with flashlights wavin'
Up upon the tower
Time reads daylight savings.

I'm home again to you babe
You know it makes me wonder
Sittin' in the quiet slipstream
In the thunder.

Look out for my love,
look out for my love
Look out for my love,
look out for my love.
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Look Out for my Love by Neil Young

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