Lyrics to Turbine
by Neil Young

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[edit]Song titleTurbine
[edit]Artist nameNeil Young
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The summer ends and the winter winds
Begin to holler all around the bend.
We will smile and sail away
This won't be no sadness day
When the winter winds
greet the trees back there.

We can watch the turbine
turning in the wind
Up on the ridge line,
before the fog rolls in.
Falling leaves in the autumn air
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When the winter winds greet
the trees back there.

We can watch the turbine
blowing in the wind
Up on the ridge line,
before the fog rolls in.
We will smile and sail away.
This won't be no sadness day
When the winter winds
greet the trees back there.
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Lyrics to Turbine
by Neil Young

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