Lyrics to Howlin' at the Moon
by Nekromantix

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[edit]Song titleHowlin' at the Moon
[edit]Artist nameNekromantix
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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12 o'clock waking up beside you
The moon is shining through
a window behind you
Come on baby, let's go for a walk
Come on baby, don't try to talk

We'll be howling at the moon
Howling at the moon
We'll be howling at the moon
Howling at the moon
Let em howl, let em howl
Howling at the moon
Howl, howl

We walk alone as the hours grow older
The dark is soft just like your
head on my shoulder.
Stay on the line, don't
step out in the haste
Look straight ahead, don't
get lost in the ?

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Howling at the moon
We'll be howling at the moon
Howling at the moon
Let em howl, let em howl
Howling at the moon
Howl, howl x2

In the moonlight, the
shadows getting longer
Deep in the woods, the
howling grows stronger
Step inside, don't look back anymore
Behind our back they locked out that door

I'll be howling at the moon
Howling at the moon
I'll be howling at the moon
Howling at the moon
Let em howl, let em howl
Howl, howl
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Lyrics to Howlin' at the Moon
by Nekromantix

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