Lyrics to Moonchaser
by Nekromantix

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[edit]Song titleMoonchaser
[edit]Artist nameNekromantix
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Slowly creeping through the dark
Another victims blood
Is on your hands
Murder echo's in the path
You show no mercy
Never give the weak a change
Crossing sunset
The night is over soon
Maybe a piece of luna
Will stop the urge to kill
The avenue of stars
Won't lead the way to the moon
But only to the sign of promises
Up there on the hill
Find more similar lyrics on the moon
See how it mirrors
in the silver lake
Don't let the beauty fool you
Evil lurks make no mistake

Moonchaser ghetto birds
Are flying by
See angels weep hear them cry
Moonchaser you can run
But you can't hide
There is no escape from the night
Sun shining oh so bright
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Lyrics to Moonchaser
by Nekromantix

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