Lyrics to Curse the Lord
by Neolith

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[edit]Song titleCurse the Lord
[edit]Artist nameNeolith
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Death wish
Unholy thoughts
Rape the image of god
False creator of time
I've promised myself a revenge
So many sleepless nights
I've waiting for this
moment to come along
My prayers are answered
I'm no longer a victim of god
I'm rising as proud almighty
Not to fade away but to
last, last forever
Die before my eyes
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I cast a spell on you
Death in thousand shapes
Your eyes will be frozen forever sweet revenge
Your body will be crucified forever sweet revenge
Thorns hurting your scalp
Nails sticking in your palms
Give me the pleasure
That I will never forget
Give me death
That I will survive.
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Lyrics to Curse the Lord
by Neolith

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