Lyrics to Invisible Path
by Neurotica

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[edit]Song titleInvisible Path
[edit]Artist nameNeurotica
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't ask how don't ask when or why Same
somehow pleased just to be a part When you've
found answers don't mean a thing Actions
shouting so much louder man Is this something real
I can't say But it's got control of me
There's no need to go frolicking through the
written All around same right side up as down Ya
Find more similar lyrics on I can feel it cracking False sense of
insecurity Let yourself love let yourself follow
the way When you've found answers don't mean a
thing Actions shouting so much louder man Is this
something real I can't say but it's got
control of me
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Lyrics to Invisible Path
by Neurotica

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