Lyrics to Narcosynthesis
by Nevermore

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[edit]Song titleNarcosynthesis
[edit]Artist nameNevermore
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hypnotize me, mesmerize me
Drain the color from my eyes
Patronize me, energize me
Change the world, internalize
How did it come to this,
Alienate me, learn to hate me
Crucify your ideals the
flesh is the swine
We are the last ones and we’re bleeding
For an unseen god
Find more similar lyrics on my blood to sand
Lives fall through the
hourglass and grow cold
What are you searching for?
Turn my dirt to gold
Time the healer the great concealer
Please salvage my soul
Victimize me, vilify me
Vilipend and amend the sins you condign
You are nothing and you speak for
All that never was
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Lyrics to Narcosynthesis
by Nevermore

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