Lyrics to Never Purify
by Nevermore

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[edit]Song titleNever Purify
[edit]Artist nameNevermore
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Scrape the pain off of my lips and watch our lives unwind
When I am in the camera eye self-immolation can never purify

Look at me, I'm on display
Another animal in this zoo our creator betrayed
If you don't feel the lesson, you're blind and deaf my son
But don't run

Look at me, I'm on the wire

I am not your saviour
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Scrape the pain off of my lips and watch our lives unwind
When I am in the camera eye self-immolation can never purify

I am not your saviour

Look at me, I'm never afraid
I'll never look back in disdain

Scrape the pain off of my lips and watch our lives unwind
When I am in the camera eye self-immolation can never purify
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Lyrics to Never Purify
by Nevermore

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