Lyrics to Captive Soul
by New Eden

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[edit]Song titleCaptive Soul
[edit]Artist nameNew Eden
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Dark clouds overhead they fill me with pain
The heat of your passion now shall elude me
Now in my world the darkness does rule
My horizon so dark like a blanket of death

In the fortress tall lies a lonely rose
In the dungeon dark captive is my soul

The seedling once small they now touch the sky
Burn down the forest burn down the trees
But the masses so grand they block out your light
In the dark of his shadows I now live my life
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In the fortress tall lies a lonely rose
In the dungeon dark captive is my soul

In darkness and hatred I sought to elude you
This curse of damnation brings me to repent
But the ages gone past will guide and will teach us
from life we are given to march into death

in the fortress tall lies a lonely rose
in the dungeon dark captive is my soul
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Lyrics to Captive Soul
by New Eden

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