Lyrics to If it Isn't Love
by New Edition

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[edit]Song titleIf it Isn't Love
[edit]Artist nameNew Edition
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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i don't love her
i tried to tell myself
but you can see it in my eyes
so don't deny
i can't fool no one else
the truth is in the
tears i cry cause

if it isn't love
why do i feel this way
why does she stay on my mind
if it isn't love
why does it hurt so bad
make me feel so sad inside
if it isn't love

i told her i'd never
fall in love (rap)
but now i know better

how does it feel
i can't describe this feelin'
that came when i saw
Find more similar lyrics on last night
she got to me
i'll let you know the reason
i saw her with anohter guy so


maybe she'll take me back
hey girl he's begging
i made a big mistake
won't you forgive him girl
now i can feel it
he's never felt before
i really love her
you love her, what?

it took my heart
to shatter in a thousand pieces
before i'd ever drop my pride
losing love worrying
about my image
really helped me realize that

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Lyrics to If it Isn't Love
by New Edition

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