Lyrics to Beauty Queen
by Next

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[edit]Song titleBeauty Queen
[edit]Artist nameNext
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ya see, what we wanna talk about today
Is dimes that turn to pennies
Women that turn to bitches
Honeys that turn to hoes
I know y'all out there know exacty
what I'm talkin' about
Somebody that'll take their welfare check
And go buy some weed, new
outfit, do shit like that
Yo, fella's, have your say
Come on

I used to see her at school
She always talked to the older dudes
The ones with nice clothes and all the shoes
I guess I shoulda knew

She grew up fast in a short time
Older body but her actions
showed a young mind
I mean this girl was so fine
Whoa, who woulda known

Who would've known
She would have grown to become
She's a

1 - Drug running, jeep jumpin'
Club frontin', know nothing
Dick suckin', smoke something
Booster hustlin', dealer fuckin'
Roller duckin', street lovin'
Six children, no husband
Beauty queen

Who would've known, who would've known

Repeat 1

Who would've known
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I'm away, my stay, you was treated
like you was a supermodel
Had your little Gucci dough, 'ce
Gabanna and your Perotta
Then you went and got yourself
a no good baby father (Ew,
Started going down, sleeping
around, look at you now
Disrespecting yourself, giving
it up, easy to touch
Ready to fuck, now they just
callin' you slut, why

Who would've known
She would have grown to become

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

I'm talking to my ghetto
Ghetto beauty queen, how will you find a king
When you're searchin' for one thing, oh
Know you want the nicer things
Get a job and buy them things
Ain't like he got you a ring
Close your legs, don't let him in between
Don't you know that you're a queen
I'm talking to my ghetto queen

Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Repeat 1 while:
Check this out now
Dru Hill said you're sleeping in their bed
Then the twins said you
slept with Jagged Edge
112 said you gave them all head
Why girl, why yeah
(I don't know what you're talking about)
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Lyrics to Beauty Queen
by Next

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