Lyrics to Whenever you Need me
by Nick Cannon

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[edit]Song titleWhenever you Need me
[edit]Artist nameNick Cannon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Talk to your girl dog she down for you you just
got to make sure you down for her

Verse 1 (Nick Cannon)
We was doin from day one a feeling that i couldn't
escape from seems like a dream i don't wanna await
from alot of things that i can't get away from
alot of stress i just wanna erase em you da reason
why i'm hard at work you think my job is chasin
baller skirts i ain't got to search baby doll
you're first see you got this touch that revolve
to earth i know you sweat when i'm out on tour i
was max and maturable and adorable for alot of
balls to step from my hotel door couldn't even
recall what i go there for but i was much younger
much dumber out of touch so i bring my less on the
summer crazy amazingly you forgave me turn around
and say to me

Chorus (Mary J. Blige)
Whenever you need me babe just call my name no
matter whatever you done you know that i'll be
there i'm down for you whatever you're goin
through whenever you need me babe you know that
i'll be there

Verse 2 (Nick Cannon)
yo every man needs a rider beside her my rider to
is clinon was to pick em up off the bottom
whatever he need she got em and vise versa even
though his style might hurt her a phone call is a
Find more similar lyrics on call to a fella but to women it falls under
the same umbrella it's trust plus honesty respect
gotta jugle em all try not to neglect cuz if
something go wrong it be hard to correct they
forgive but never forget no matter how many
diamonds you sit on they neck you look at
invisible set they be they be invisible next
that's why i hold my home team down no matter how
much of this world i'm going around i'm gonna
treat you da right way it always feel good when
you say...

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
now as soon as the media get a hold of the vocal
they gonna try figure the motive the reason i
wrote who da girl on my arm at the movie premiere
who da one in the drop with the wind in her hair
poparatzzi watch but to see pops don't like me and
thats wherever i might be so i need a girl to
stand and to understand and stand next to cannon
cuz i got a plan and i ain't tryin put no weight
on ya girl but it's hard to have alove affair in
front of the world everytime you move every step
you make bein watched possibly videotaped that's
why i need a place where i can escape from and
another soul and wich my soul can relate and i
probably make a lot of mistakes but i still need
to hear somebody say...

repeat chorus 3x
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Lyrics to Whenever you Need me
by Nick Cannon

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