Lyrics to Patripassian
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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[edit]Song titlePatripassian
[edit]Artist nameNick Cave and the Bad Seeds
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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From the Current '93 album All the Pretty Horsies

The rivers of Babylon flow, and fall, and carry
away...Jesus is alone on earth, not merely with no
one to feel and share His agony, but with no one
even to know of it. Heaven and He are the only ones
to know.

Jesus is in a garden, not of delight, like the first
Find more similar lyrics on, who fell and took with him all
mankind, but of agony, where He has saved
Himself and all mankind

He suffers this anguish and abandonment in the
horror of the night.

Jesus will be in agony until the end of the world.
There must be no resting in the meantime...
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Lyrics to Patripassian
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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