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Sea Groove by Nickelback

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[edit]Song titleSea Groove
[edit]Artist nameNickelback
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Take away from me
That what you just gave
Nothing left to heal
Nothing left to save
Given half a chance
Given what we've spent
I will not repay
I will not repent
I don't wanna leave
I don't wanna stay
Get away from me
Stay the hell away
And I will give up my mind
And I will give my way
And I will pluck out my eyes
Yes I will feel my way
Yes I will

Is there something wrong
With the way I feel
I don't wanna beg
Find more similar lyrics on don't have to steal
Let me prove myself
Let me earn your trust
Let me betray
The way that we discussed
I don't want to thieve
I don't want to snatch
Get away from me
Stay the hell away

And I will give up my mind
And I will give my way
And I will pluck out my eyes
Yes I will feel my way
Yes I will

In open hand, unopened gift
Her broken bones, her head won't lift
A decade since you've been gone
Mend the cracks and say so long
Say so long
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Sea Groove by Nickelback

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