Lyrics to Jump Off 07
by Nicki Minaj

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[edit]Song titleJump Off 07
[edit]Artist nameNicki Minaj
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Queens, Queens
Ayo Fendi this the jump off right here man

Ms. Minaj little mama get a taste of the hot sauce
Itty bitty real pretty but I'm not soft
I beat bitches with the heat like I'm Scott Storch
In the ocean is where they gettin' dropped off
All I wanna do is party, rock some Ed Hardy and 40/40
You arrive when it just get started
I come through at 2 and I don't get carded
Excuse me I had to beg ya pardon
Mami ya flow sick, my flows retarded
Cause you can take something and you won't be sick
But um, I can't help my retarded shit
Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound
Take the small bus all year round
That bitch popped out with a helmet on her head
Bottle of new meds, a good pair of Keds

Where my chicks
All my girls that'll transport bricks
Got some MAC lip gloss on ya lips
Keep a real good jean on ya hips
You can get it
Find more similar lyrics on to my dudes
If you keep a good bitch in ya crew
And you rock a good hood, fuck a suit
If you got a little tree on ya boot
You can get it

Nicki and Dirty Money nigga, shit ya draws
When I count to three, hit the floor
Dang little mama, pick up ya jaw
That there's the Chevy, 64
You that bitch, I'm the boss
I'm a have my bodyguard, dust me off
Cause I think I might have some dirt on my shoulder
Call my nigga Light with the money green Rover
I'm the boss bitch pink links and the brinks
Rockin the corset, sip drinks in my minks
Call my nigga Gravy, that's the big baby
Tell him I said maybe he should bring the trey p
Already know these lames is gonna hate me
But um lately, it only motivate me
Want it with the squad, gotta come through me
I hit the dance floor, nigga 1-2-3

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Lyrics to Jump Off 07
by Nicki Minaj

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