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Kill da DJ by Nicki Minaj

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[edit]Song titleKill da DJ
[edit]Artist nameNicki Minaj
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hay; hay hay ya know it jus dawned on me I
am Nicki Minaj A HAHA HAHA HAHA

Verse 1:
I ain't know the president live in D.C.
And I ain't know they call me Nicki Lewinskie
I never knew that dude with Jay was Pimp C
And I ain't know I be with Paris and Lindsey
I jus know dat I be on my fly girl shit
I fly girl pop up and I fly girl dip I fly
girl stunt like a fly girl flip
And I don't never guzzle it I fly girl sip
Now get dat rose get dat get dat rose a lil hennesy and louie tha 13
Now every body look my way my way
Excuse all my haters cause they lookin sideways
Lets get it now

You got me wrong
You be sittin by tha bar when its yo song
You can act like you don't like it butcha do you do you do do do do do
I think I'm gonna kill tha mutha fuckin DJ if
he don't let let tha record replay ra ra record
replay record replay
I think I'm gonna kill tha mutha fuckin DJ.

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I ain't know tha police was the babylon.
And I ain't know I'm cold just like an avalanche
I never knew my titties was bigger than Pamelas So paparazzi flickin be
Flickin they camera I just know dat I be on
my fly girl shit my fly girl stomach and my fly girl hips
I fly girl ball with my fly girl mitts and I can
only kiss another fly girls Lips
Now get dat O.J get dat get dat O.J. a lil cranberry and some remy mone
Now every body look my way my way Excuse all tha
haters cause they lookin sideways
Let's get it now


Verse 3:
Welcome like sex an while they be flexin
cause they know dat this they song
So interestin frontin like they best in damn dem
bitches got me wrong Wrong wrong wrong
Got me wrah-wrah-wrah-wrah-wrah wrong Got me wrah-
a h - w r a h wrong

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Kill da DJ by Nicki Minaj

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