Lyrics to Chipping Away
by Night Ranger

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[edit]Song titleChipping Away
[edit]Artist nameNight Ranger
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Jack Blades/Brad Gillis)
Come over late
Got your hands on my face
Candy, don't you see
what you're doing
Oh, I lie awake
Another night put to waste
It's a shame
You got me comin' and goin'
It's a price I gotta pay
To spend a night at
heaven's gate
Chipping away
At my heart every day
You got me
Hanging by my window
Chipping away
At my heart every day
You got me
Hanging by my window
Well, I'm holding my breath
Hoping you'll put 'em to rest
All the stories
About your notching
your bedpost
And it rings true to me
There's a notch on there for me
Ain't I better
Than your cut rate Romeos?
Well, I'm a fool
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I know your loving
How you get to me
I never learned
How I should choose
With situations
Often used in love
And all the masquerading ways
I'm living off
My second chance
And finding out
There's no romance
Around the world
With eighty ways
To chip away
It's so hard each day
Well you come over late
With your hands on your face
I love to hear you tell
All your stories
How you need me so much
Yet you're cold to the touch
You got me up, down
Coming and going
Yeah, yeah
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Lyrics to Chipping Away
by Night Ranger

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