Lyrics to Eroding
by Nightfall

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[edit]Song titleEroding
[edit]Artist nameNightfall
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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And I walk through dying gardens
Suffer martyrdom, enforced to admit my fate
I came across
Feelings never met, before
Thou adorned, ivy
Of the thousand pleasures
Apologia's withering, words echoing in silence
You used to be the apple of
My eye, a flame within
Me my armful's bleeding as the
fleshy aroma still disarms me
And thorns become the carpet for my dream
Come apart, in my hands, be one with your emotions
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Imposing view, I'm dying to touch you deep
Pain you shall feel, painful
Odes to flay the untouchable skin
That I kiss.
Don't catch me as I fall, let me touch the end
Let the seas to become charmy
lakes, where my soul dives,
And as skies wispering my name,
as clouds torn apart,
Oh this misery fits me so
great...but I'm lost, I feel it.
Eroding, the end shall be mine
Ogress, feel my vibes as you cry.
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Lyrics to Eroding
by Nightfall

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